1. What is your spirit animal? Why that spirit animal? What attributes of that spirit animal do you like?

I’m a bear! Bears are strong and cuddly. They are steadfast but slightly grumpy. You only see bears running short distances! They love their vegetation but will tear up some fresh meat / fish as well. Bears are highly adaptable as a species but once comfortable will tend to stay within a routine. And they love their sleep!

2. What is your Nutrition regimen and why is it crucial for you?

Currently I follow the RP diet program. RP’s regimen has really worked for me during my crossfit journey and I’ve found that I get exactly out of it what I put in. If I stick to their program andeat as I should, I see results. If I give myself reasons why I should cheat and/or I should just eat something tasty and not within the program – I not only don’t perform as well, but I have to deal with the guilt. Nutrition to me is two fold. Proper nutrition gives me the fuel and energy to do my best in even the worst work outs. And it is the major driver behind physique changes. I like seeing the results of all this hard work on my body, and proper nutrition is a big part of that.

3. What drives  you to be better. You’re not just exercising, you’re setting goals.

I’m competitive by nature. So I’m always striving to be better, to be the best even, and to push myself. I remember my first days in Ganbatte and thinking I was going to kill every work out. And then quickly realizing that not only was I not killing the work out, but I was barely making it through them. I set small goals for myself. Scale the weights but make it through the work out. Then scale the weights but try to finish the work out as fast as possible. Then Rx weights and back to just trying to make it through the work out. But with each goal met, I felt so accomplished. I felt stronger both physically and mentally.

4. Do you think you are a better athlete than when you were a competitive football player?

I am in the best shape of my life – no doubt. I am stronger and faster than ever before. I can endure longer work outs and pick up heavier weights. These accomplishments did not come easy, I’ve worked hard to get here, and I have a long way to go – but I truly enjoy every day of the journey.

To anyone that shows up to a gym, have a goal in mind. Work towards that goal. And then set another one. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the people around you during the journey. We are all just looking to do our best.